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5 suspected ‘one-chance’ robbers who killed their victim with hammer arrested in Abuja (photo)

– An Abuja armed robbery gang killed a victim in an attempt to rob him inside a taxi

– The victim was reportedly attacked on his way from Abuja to Suleja, Niger state on May 27, 2018

– After being arrested by the police, the robbers confessed to hitting the victim with a hammer on his shoulder and wrist but said they were surprised to hear that he died

Police operatives attached to the Federal Capital Territory Command Special Anti-Kidnaping Squad have reportedly arrested five members of an armed robbery gang that robbed unsuspecting passengers in their taxi.

The suspects, Ebuka Ezeanyido, 28; Chidebe Okocha, 36; Chukwuma Amichie, 30; Augustine Agbo, 32; and Chinedu Obi, 25, were arrested following an investigation into the disappearance of one Michael Ibebuogu who was reported missing by members of his family, The Punch reports.

Ibebuogu allegedly left his brother’s house at Apo, Abuja for Suleja, Niger state on May 27, 2018, but never arrived at his destination.

The suspected robbers confessed to hitting their victim with a hammer on his shoulder and wrist but said they were surprised to hear that he died. Photo credit: The Punch gathered that the missing man’s phone was however traced to one of the suspects who led detectives to arrest his accomplices.

The FCT commissioner of police, Sadiq Bello, who paraded the suspects in Abuja on Thursday, June 14, explained that Okocha confessed that he hit Ibebuogu on his head with a hammer when he tried to take control of their operational car from the driver.

“The suspects said they abandoned his body under Apo Bridge. Efforts are ongoing to recover the remains of the deceased. The operational car used by the gang, an army green Volkswagen Passat Wagon, one hammer and phone of the deceased have been recovered as exhibits,” Bello stated.

Ezeanyido, who said he was a taxi driver before he joined the robbery gang said: “I and my friend, Okocha came to Abuja, so we picked the man in our cab. When the man noticed that we wanted to rob him, he started dragging the steering with the driver; so this brother (Agbo) hit him on the shoulder with a hammer and we stopped the cab and allowed him to go, but he was not dead when we left him.”

Okocha claimed he was doing business at Wuse market, Abuja but decided to join the robbery gang after he had issues with some people.

Explaining how the gang operated, he said that they usually robbed one person at a time in their taxi.

He said: “We usually pick a passenger and while driving, the driver would ask him to put on his seatbelt while Magic Finger (Agbo) would cleverly snatch the victim’s money or phone.

“So the man (Ibebuogu) noticed what was happening and he attempted to take over the steering, I hit him with a hammer on his shoulder and wrist, we stopped the cab and he disembarked; we were surprised to hear that he died.”

Agbo who was responsible for picking the victim’s pocket or bag claimed he joined the gang about three months ago, adding that he had “robbed just three or four persons”.

“I just started robbing about three months, I have robbed just three or four persons,” he stated.

Earlier, reported that residents of the Salihawa village in the Batagarawa local government area of Katsina state lynched three suspected armed robbers on Thursday, June 14.

The suspects were said to have blocked a road between Barawa and Sahilawa village around 8:30 am.

According to a police source, they shot a 31-year-old resident of Salihawa village identified as Sani Lawal.

He said: “The development made other villagers to mobilise and confront the robbers who were eventually lynched.”

The incident was confirmed by the spokesman for the Kaduna state police command, DSP Gambo Isah.

Lagos Police Commissioner parades suspected criminals (Nigeria News) | on TV

By Nurudeen Lawal

10 Things I Learned From ‘Parks and Recreation’

I fell in love with Parks & Rec in 2014, which is reason enough for it to have been a good year. This television show is absolutely golden, making me both laugh and cry (I still can’t watch season five’s “Halloween Surprise” and “Leslie and Ben” episodes without getting emotional). I only wish I had started watching the show sooner. Six seasons aired before I cared about the show. Now, the seventh and final season is quickly being aired on NBC and will be over far too soon. And I just wish we’d had more time together, Parks & Rec.

You deserved my devotion years ago, but I promise you will have my devotion for years to come. As proof, here are ten things I’ve learned from Parks and Recreation :

1. Breakfast food is the best food.

Whether you’re more of a Leslie and prefer waffles, or you’re a Ron and could eat plates and plates of bacon and eggs, breakfast food is delicious. Seriously, “why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

2. All sorts of people can get along. Opposites really do attract.

The Pawnee Parks department is the most random conglomeration of co-workers. Their personalities are so different from one another, from sassy, Mercedes-driving Donna, to optimistic and determined Leslie, to swagger-ific and entrepreneurial-minded Tom, and everyone else. They are all very different and don’t always agree, but their friendships are absolutely wonderful to watch.

3. Treat your self.

Thanks, Tom Haverford, because this is definitely a lesson I’ve taken to heart. If something makes me happy, sometimes it is worthwhile to indulge in that thing without worrying about the consequences (the one exception, I’d say, is if the consequences could harm someone else). Bad day and need cheering up? Treat yo self. Just received good news? Treat yo self. Bored? Treat yo self.

4. Sometimes you gotta work a little to ball a lot.

Yet another piece of Tom Haverford wisdom. I could’ve used this bit of advice in college. There were far too many times that I needed to work on an essay, went to dinner with friends instead, and then came home and became stressed over how little time I had left to finish the essay. Sometimes you don’t get to do what you want until you do what you have to do.

5. If a movie has been out for more than 25 years, you can livetweet it and not have to post #spoileralert.

I don’t know about you, but coming across spoilers for movies, books, TV shows, etc., online sucks. It’s expected for people on social media to tag or announce their spoilers to help protect the un-spoiled from learning information before they’re ready. But how long does something have to be out before you don’t have to do this courtesy? Well, Donna Meagle gave me the answer. In one of my favorite episodes, “Halloween Surprise,” Donna live-tweets the Death Canoe movie only for a Pawnee resident to get angry that she didn’t acknowledge the spoilers in her tweets. She defends herself because the movie was 25 years old. Now I know that anything related to something that was released over 25 years ago doesn’t have to announce #spoileralert.

6. Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

Ron Swanson is literally a genius. Instead of completing two things semi-decently, devote your attention to one thing and complete it wonderfully. Quality over quantity.

7. Good friends are so important. And good co-workers.

This kinda has to do with #2, but the relationships are part of what makes the show so great. Whether it is the friendship between Leslie and Ann or the work relationship between Chris and Ben, the characters love each other as co-workers and friends. And these friends and work relationships really make a difference in the show being as fantastic as it is. This show constantly reminds me that good friends and good co-workers are a blessing.

8. Nerd culture is mainstream now, so being a “nerd” isn’t an insult anymore.

The precious Ben Wyatt is to thank for this bit of enlightenment. I’ve been called a nerd derogatorily before and actually let it affect my self-esteem. But like Ben said, “nerd culture is mainstream now.” It’s cool to be a nerd; I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

9. Hard work and perseverance can make a difference.

Leslie turned a pit into a park. She faced a lot of resistance and discouragement, but she didn’t let the doubts and negativity faze her. She kept at it, and what did she do in the end? She made the park. That woman is poster child for perseverance and effort. She’s such an inspiration.

10. Be passionate about whatever you do.

Leslie Knope’s passion for the Parks department is infectious. She loves her job and genuinely wants to make a difference. Her passion makes such a difference in her work. I hope to do everything with half of the passion that Leslie Knope does everything.

By Naughtycrank

‘Spiderman’ happy to be back in Mali

Malian migrant Mamoudou Gassama, who shot to worldwide fame last month when he scaled a building in Paris to save a toddler, says he is delighted to return to his native country for a visit.

“I am so happy. I am so very, very happy because everyone came to meet me at the airport and then I saw my father and I saw all the members of my family. I hadn’t seen my father for nine years,” he told BBC Afrique.

Mr Gassama, 22, crossed the Mediterranean on a migrant boat in September 2014. He joined his brother in France and worked on building sites.

On 26 May this year, he saw a toddler hanging from the balcony of a fourth-floor Paris apartment block.

He spontaneously scaled the building and saved the four-year-old. He was filmed by people down below and was dubbed “Spiderman”.

‘’I wasn’t afraid. I am like anyone else. Yes, I showed courage. It came from God. God saved me,’’ he said.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron thanked Mr Gassama in person and promised he would receive French nationality.

Next week, he is due to start an internship with the prestigious Paris fire brigade.

BBC Afrique

By Morning Call

Arrests over murder of Nigerian traditional ruler

Two people have been arrested in connection with last week’s lynching of a traditional ruler, Igwe Steven Nwatu, in Nigeria’s Enugu state, police have told BBC Igbo.

Those detained have been assisting the police with their investigations into the murder of Mr Nwatu, the traditional ruler of Ogbozinne Akpugo town, Enugu police spokesman Ebere Amaraizu said.

The state police chief had met other traditional rulers to assure them of their safety, he said.

Police have also been deployed to the town to ensure there is peace, Mr Amaraizu said.

BBC Igbo

Kenya ‘seizes illegally imported sugar’

Kenyan officials have confiscated 3,000 bags of what is suspected to be illegally imported sugar from a warehouse in Meru town in the east, local media reports.

The sugar, which was imported from Brazil, was being repackaged into bags to indicate it was sourced from Zambia, Meru County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga was quoted as saying.

At least 13 workers, along with the manager of the warehouse, had been arrested, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.

Israel charges ‘spy recruited in Nigeria’

Israel has charged a former cabinet minister with spying for Iran, the Shin Bet internal security service says.

Gonen Segev, a medical doctor who served as energy minister in the 1990s, was allegedly recruited by Iranian intelligence while living in Nigeria.

He was detained during a visit to Equatorial Guinea in May and extradited following a request by Israeli police.

The 62 year old was jailed for five years in 2005 for smuggling drugs and forging a diplomatic passport.

He also had his medical licence revoked, but was allowed to work as a physician in Nigeria when he moved there after his release from prison in 2007.

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