Father watches as Leopard attacks and drags his 6 year old son away


A six year old boy, Kellan Denny, who was playing with his eight year old brother at Kruger National Park, a South African game reserve, was snatched up by a Leopard and carried away while their father watched.
His father said he watched in horror as his son was dragged for 30 metres by the Leopard after having sunk its razor sharp jaws into his son’s shoulder. He said he ran after the Leopard shouting and yelling for it to put his son down. Fortunately and by God’s grace, the leopard dropped the boy allowing his father to pick him up and carry him to safety.
Justin Denny, the boy’s father told the local Cape Argus newspaper that his sons were running laps along a low wall unbeknownst to them, the leopard was nearby hunting.
He said:
“He wanted to go back and do another lap. “When he went back to the wall, that is when the leopard attacked.” “I ran after the leopard shouting: “No, no, no this can’t be happening.”
He added:
“By the grace of God, it dropped him.” “I picked him up and rushed him back to the rondavel. A neighbour arrived with his wife who is a nurse.” The reserve’s management called for a doctor who raced to the boy to give him treatment.
The boy is said to be “quite traumatised” but recovering well at home with his family
The manager of the camp, who asked not to be named confirmed that the leopard was male, he made the determination from the bitemarks on the boy’s arm.
Kellan was then taken to a hospital where he received stitches, was given a tetanus injection and administered antibiotics.
Source: Cape Argus newspaper

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