Emotional abuse is a slow killer’ – woman shares her story


Read what she sent to LIB below…
Lots of married women can relate to my story. I am an educated young lady married to a man who cares less about my emotion. I know people will say ‘is that all?’. No thats not all. I am a woman who just like the man, I have blood flowing through my vein. I have needs. Emotional needs that are denied me. I beg my husband every day for attention.  Yet! He acts like am invisible.
We share same bed yet I feel so lonely and unwanted.
I ve begged, cried yet he won’t change.
My husband will only want to come close to me only when he desires to ease his immediate sexual want.
I can’t remember the last time I got a complement from him. A kiss or hug? Nah lets not even go there.
I fall into depression every mow and then. Yet he won’t burlge.
Our kids are our only point of contact.
I am dying slowing.
I don’t have who to talk to.
My social life? Is extinct all thanks to him. Job? No way!!!! Cos other men will ask me out!!!
Pray, tell me how can I not fall for any other man that will show me the slightest care.
My reason for writing this? I am dying. Slowly I am loosing my mind. I am always in and out of the hospital for no just cause.
Sometimes I think suicide. Yes!!! I have considered and still considering suicide except things will change. And the only reason am still holding on is that I wouldn’t want to leave my kids at the mercy of other women,.
Dear men, this message is for you. Lots of women are going through EMOTIONAL VOILENCE!!! simply because you are failing or failed to do what you are expected to do. Lots of women have lost their confidence because of this.


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  1. This is much more common than we think and much more serious than most people think. Perhaps, you and your husband can go to counseling. This might help him to see that’s it’s a problem for you. If he doesn’t want to go, you may have to consider other options…

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