Let’s Discuss Why do Catholics adore Mary?


She is the mother of the man who died for our sins, it is only out of respect and appreciation Catholics adore her.

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Is it wrong for Catholics to adore Mary ?
I am not a Catholic but I would say No it is not!
Mary is a very important figure in Christianity; she gave birth to the man [Jesus] who sacrificed himself for humanity, who suffered on the cross for our sins. Is that not enough reason to adore her?
She is the mother of the man who died for our sins, it is only out of respect and appreciation Catholics adore her.
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How do you think she felt when she was told her son, Jesus was dying? She would have cried, she would have been sad, just as any mother would have been! But she did not stop him, she could have probably ordered Jesus to denounce God so he could live, but she did not.
Catholics adore and show gratitude to her through several prayers like the ‘ Hail Mary’ ‘ Prayer for the immaculate heart of Mary’. A statue of Mary usually surrounded by a garden can be found in all Catholic Church [At least all I have seen]
Overtime, I have come to realise that Christians criticize Catholics for worshipping Mary because of the statues of her that can be found in their premises. If there were no statues of Mary would it still be wrong to adore her?
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Look at it this way; imagine Mary as an average Nigerian woman who has a son, whom she has given everything to so he could have a good life. It is only normal for him [the son] to love her without conditions.
She is one way or the other a mother to all of us.
Remember when Jesus was on the cross and the disciples brought her [Mary] to him, he told the disciples that she was now their mother too. This means she stood as their physical and spiritual mother. [ John 19: 26-27 ]
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If the disciples and apostles who spread the word of God to the rest of the world adored and respected her, who are we to decline.
Do you love your mother? I love my mom, I mean she is not the mother of Jesus, but I celebrate her daily, I am proud of the woman she groomed me to be and I adore her.
PS: Honestly, I have come to the terms that all days in the month of April and May is mother’s day. Since there seems to be no fixed date.
I strongly believe she should be adored.
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2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Why do Catholics adore Mary?”

  1. Careful, we Catholics venerate the Virgin Mary, never adore. It is this incorrect use of language which gives non-Catholic Christians a basis for argument against the Church.

    Granted, the use of “adore” to express love in male/female relationships is common, but cannot be used literally. The same goes for the relationship with our Mother.


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