Nwa Biafra
Dear Sir,
It is with utter dismay and unfeigned
consternation that I wish to succinctly
albeit humbly, express my displeasure
and disappointment at your constant
ridiculing of your countrymen and your
obvious disdain of them.
Your derogation of their personae before
the international community has sadly
become an embarrassing characteristic of
your maladministration, and by extension
exposes the insecurity and low esteem
you have of yourself.
Isn’t it sad, Mr President, that you cower
behind the tattered cloak of blames to
hide your inefficiency?
There’s an adage that says that when you
point a finger at someone, the remaining
four fingers point back at you.
Whoever comes to equity should come
with clean hands.
This rule of nature, you have failed!
Mr President, in light of your recent
character defaming statement before the
international community, I’m forced to
remind you of your disgraceful and crime
tainted antecedents.
I humbly ask Mr President, between you
and I, who is a criminal?
—Who crated Umaru Dikko with the help
of an Israeli anaesthesiologist and
attempted to smuggle him into Nigeria,
but was caught at Heathrow Airport?
—In 1984, under whose watch did the
Emir of Gwandu enter into Nigeria with 53
suitcases whose contents where unknown
till date, after the borders were closed?
—Who married a 9 year old as a wife?
Between us, who is a paedophile and who
is guilty of child abuse?
—Why did a trustee member of PTF,
Captain Usman Jibril resign under your
—Who gave his brother-in-law’s
company, Ahmed Salihijo, contract to take
decisions for PTF under his chairmanship?
Who employed his relatives as PTF
—What happened to our $2.8 billion
(currently valued at over N650 billion)
under your watch as PTF chairman?
How did our money disappear under your
watch till date?
—Can you give sound reasons for your
reluctance to probe Halliburton scandal?
I assume that when you said Nigerians
are criminals, that included your wife?
Could it be that you suffer selective
amnesia in your anti-graft war with
regards to Halliburton scandal because
your wife is implicated?
—Who lied about his certificate?
Where is your certificate Mr President?
—Who had only 150 cows and N1 million,
yet bought presidential form of N27
—Who declared assets of only 150 cows
and N1 million before elections, and after
elections, declared assets of N30 million
in U.B.A and a palatial home in Abuja
valued at N2 billion?
—Can you give account of your
stewardship and missing monies when
you were NNPC chairman?
—Who declared Nigeria broke, yet
budgeted billions of Naira for purchase of
new vehicles for Aso Rock?
—Who declared Nigeria broke and
promised economic diversification, yet
signed the release of N40 billion for oil
exploration in the north?
—Under whose watch did our budget go
—Who presented a budget that failed
integrity test in the legislative house?
Mr President, can a person of this
questionable antecedents claim to be a
Isn’t it a shame that a person with such
embarrassing and disgraceful
portmanteau is a president?
What moral justification does a president
with such repugnant, repulsive and
abhorrent pedigree have to point fingers
at regular hardworking Nigerians and call
them criminals?
Mr President,
I am Lawrencia Chioma.
I am a graduate with sound certificate.
I am a Linguist.
I am a communication expert.
I work with an Insurance company.
I am a writer.
I read, research and think as a hobby.
I earn my wage.
I work hard for every dime.
I have a clean slate.
Between us Sir, who is a criminal?
I’ll be back!!

Author: IkemSamuelblog

Am a Publisher