Fantastically corrupt: David Cameron can go to hell- former Chairman of NHRC, Chidi Odinkalu says


Former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission NHRC, Professor Chidi Odinkalu, says British Prime Minister, David Cameron, can go to hell over his recent comment describing Nigeria as ‘fantastically corrupt’. Odinkalu who was a guest on Channels TV last night, said the comments are indeed insulting but that it calls for the Nigerian government to get it acts right, focus on rebuilding the country.
“I don’t get overly bothered about colonial arrogance, its always existed, its going to exist. The important thing is we focus on rebuilding our country into something we all can be proud of and a country that works for its citizens and does not excuse the misbehaviour of people because we think those are big people. Once we do that, we will be fine. David Cameron can go to hell. The problem we have with corruption in Nigeria is actually impunity. It’s about institutions and application of rules to people. That’s where we fail because Nigeria is a very stratified and very hierarchical society,” he said,
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