50 Cent offers to pay $6million to Rick Ross’ baby mama


Rick Ross baby mama wouldn’t have gotten $6million if her sex tape had been leaked by a random person and picked up by a porn site. But because it was uploaded online by a rich rapper she’s about to be rich herself. Last year rapper 50 Cent was ordered to pay Rick Ross’ baby mama $7 million in damages after she sued him for posting her amateur sex tape on his website at the height of his rap beef with Rick Ross. Now he’s agreed to pay her $6million. Read full report from Bossip after the cut
50 Cent has agreed to hand over $6 million of Rick Ross’ baby mama’s $7 million sex tape judgment as part of a proposed $23.4 million bankruptcy repayment plan.
Under his debt proposal, filed May 17 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Connecticut, Lastonia Leviston will get the lump sum in exchange for dropping her $7 million sex tape case against him, and if 50 Cent doesn’t pay within 30 days, Leviston’s original claim will be reinstated.
Last year, a New York jury awarded Leviston the $7 million judgment after she sued 50 Cent for leaking a tape of her having sex with her then boyfriend. The “Power” actor filed for bankruptcy shortly afterwards, claiming he had $11 to $50 million in assets, and liabilities in the same range.
50 said in court papers that Leviston has agreed to his proposal, and said they both believe the settlement is in their best interest and would prevent them from having to drag the case out in court.
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