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The #DeputySenatePresident, Chief Ike Ekweremadu on Tuesday lamented that individuals in some parts of the country have over the years created some advantages for themselves to the detriment of other parts of the country, adding that this has made some people to be held down. Speaking while being interviewed in a programme on RayPower FM monitored by DAILY POST in Abuja, Ekweremadu warned that when somebody is held down; neither he nor the person holding him down will be able to make any progress.
He, therefore, called on those who have created advantages for themselves to shelve such and support the creation of an advantage that is all encompassing and would benefit every segment of the country, stressing that that is when the country will be able to make progress.

His words: “Over the years, some parts of the country, individuals have had some advantages which they created for themselves and they are keeping those advantages to the detriment of the country and to the detriment of others.
“What that means is that some people are being kept down but you see, as they say, if you are keeping someone down, you are not going to move. That is what is happening to our country.

“Some people are keeping us down and they are remaining there, all of us are remaining there. So, the earlier we realize that we need to stand up so all of us can move, both the man you are holding down and you that is holding him down, everybody can make progress. Unless we do that, we are not going to make progress.
“So, those advantages we think we have, we need to shelve them, let us have an advantage that is all encompassing; that involves every segment of this country; all part of this country. When that advantage is entrenched in the system, I think we would make a better progress.”
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