The #inspiring #story of a 10-year-old #beggar in #Ghana


Few days ago, Josephine Yartel from Ghana shared this touching story of her encounter with a young beggar name Leila. Read below:


“Today i made a new friend…she is Leila… one of those Fulani’s from Mali who beg for money in front of Accra mall
she approached me n smiled n spoke pidgin: Aunty make you give me money make i buy food chop’.. then i smiled back and said i have not eaten since morn myself..
she asked if its true.. i said yeah… then she handed me all the coins she had in hand… i asked if she is sure i can use the money… she said yeah i could… so i counted and it was just 1cedi 10p… told her it wont be enough… she asked me to wait for a min… she went to check where she keeps her money and brought about 4cedis… then she said 5cds should be enough to buy rice… And i told her i would need water… she then asked me to wait so she begs people for money for me… after about 10mins, (was waiting for someone).. she came back with 50p from her brother and  said she can direct me to a canteen… i followed her… while engaging her in convocation
People just starred at us… others said i shouldn’t mind her… i told them she wasn’t begging for money
I distracted her with question while we waited.. She is just 10years.
Then i asked why she gave me all the money… she replied ‘ibi u dey hungry Aunty, i go fit beg for money but u no go fit, so just take am’… at this point i had tears in my eyes.. And i know people were wondering what convocation we were having..


She asked that i took photos of her and with me..
It was tooo sunny so they came out dark… then when my friend arrived she told her to make sure i get food to eat… then i asked her to take her money… she looked disappointed and asked why… i told her i just needed company while i waited…
I’m sure we all have learnt something from this….
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Source: Facebook/Josephine Yartel


3 thoughts on “The #inspiring #story of a 10-year-old #beggar in #Ghana”

  1. The story is true but the lady’s identity …”unless the ‘storyteller’ deliberately concealed the identity of the lady” but what is the point if you’re flooding social media with her photos with her new found daughter, Leila.

    …maybe next time you should follow to find out the actual persons in stories you wish to publish and the actual story line…cos I’ve read other stories that are not true on this page.
    …I believe the ethics of the business also require that you seek the permission of such persons before publishing especially when one’s identity is involved.

    A little more research could earn you better…Thx

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    1. I published the story teller name then as her and she will tell you if is lie or not, for others I’ve done it become a mistake as am still new here.. And I’ve learnt my mistakes and I do put source anytime I publish a story that’s not mine…


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