Goodluck Jonathan “Those accusing us of corruption frustrated my government” – Former president


Former President Goodluck Jonathan said there has been corrupt practices in Nigeria since independence stressing that his administration effectively curtailed the act.

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg » , former President Goodluck Jonathan observed that there have been corrupt practices in the country since independence stressing that his administration effectively curtailed it.
Jonathan said: “I cannot say that the country since the beginning of our Independence, that there was no corruption. Yes, there has been corruption.”
“I did very well also to curtail corruption. My approach to corruption was: don’t make money available for anybody to touch.
The former president noted that his effort to sanitize the oil sector failed as his government was frustrated by some group of people.

“We made sure that the area of fertilizer subsidies was cleaned up. The whole corruption there was removed. I wanted to do the same thing in the oil sector but the very people that have been accusing us of corruption are the very people that frustrated it. It’s unfortunate,” he said.
Meanwhile, Jonathan has described recent rumours that he planned to go Cote D’Ivoire on self-exile » for fear of being arrested as insensitive and tendentious.

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