John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Couple shades Piers Morgan for comparing Muhammad Ali to Donald Trump


The couple slammed the Good Morning Britain presenter of making a bad comparison between Muhammed Ali and Donald Trump, though the British journalist refused to be intimidated by their comments.

Celebrity couples, John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have called out British journalist, Piers Morgan, for comparing late boxing legend, Muhammad Ali to Donald Trump.
Morgan had on Sunday, June 5, 2016, commented via his Twitter that Ali made more racist jabs than Trump ever did.
The British journalist wrote, “Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims. #fact”.
This did not go down well with Legend and his wife, who went Gong Ho on him.

Responding to the criticism he got from his comment about Ali, Morgan again wrote, “I hope people don’t make me sound too perfect when I die. No coats of sugar please.”
Legend fired back with the comment,
“@piersmorgan you could test us by announcing your retirement.”
While hard words were being exchanged, Morgan directed a jab at Teigen, who had also made an earlier comment showing her criticism of him.
Morgan said, “Maybe I should take up a proper job, like modelling? > RT @chrissyteigen: @johnlegend from what? trolling isn’t a job (I’ve tried)”.
In her response, Teigen also said, “@piersmorgan it keeps me nice and not-racist so sure, give it a go.”
The death of Muhammad Ali on June 3, 2016, greeted the world with much sorrow.
The late boxing legend was considered by many the greatest to ever grace the history of the sport.

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