Rihanna Beat FM owner, Chris Ubosi, sues singer


According to reports, it is possible that the complainant has fallen for a scam, because none of the people in Rihanna’s management team know about the transaction.

Chris Ubosi, the owner of top Nigerian radio station, Beat FM, has sued Roc Nation singer, Rihanna, for boycotting a concert she had been booked and paid to perform.
According to TMZ , Ubosi negotiated with two people who claimed to be representing Rihanna for the singer to perform for 65 minutes at a concert in
Report has it that, the concert, which was supposed to hold in May 2013, was postponed by the singer’s representatives.
Ubosi reported to the arrangement, but requested that Rihanna announce the new date on social media.
Based on the suit filed against Rihanna, his demands were not met.

Having made a payment of $160,000 for the singer’s performance, Ubosi demanded that his money be returned to him since the engagement terms were not met.
Rihanna’s failure to return the money was what prompted him to sue both Rihanna and her record label, Roc Nation.
According to TMZ , sources close to Rihanna are claiming that Ubosi might have been caught in a scam, as nobody in her management received any cash for the performance.

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