My Dream And The Dead Baby

Believe me is a true dream story I had.
Please can #someone tell me the #MeaningOfThisDream course I don’t know..


My brother told me that I should come let do our night prayer before bed and I told him that am so sorry that I can’t join him and he said ok and went inside and do his own prayer, when he was done he still come outside and tell me that his done with his with his prayer and his going to bed, I told him goodnight that am coming.

Believe me I don’t know what’s going in right then or will I say that I don’t even know what is pushing me, so before I go to bed o do pray and last night I was outside till 12:30 or more than and my spirit told me to remove my slippers and I did when I remove my slippers I knew down on it and started praying,

The prayer was a short prayer, when I done with the short prayer I bow down for Almighty God like Six (6) Consecutive times and I said that I believe that my prayer had been answered by God then I go to bed so in my dream I saw one Guy that do work where I do cut my hair his name is #Sam..

And people where gathering there, and there was a group of people coming and they where making a lot of noise, when they get to  where we’re and that #Sam was holding something on his hand and when he get to a place they do train #Dog he drop what he was holding and I was like asking people what #Sam dropping on the flor and they told me that is a #Dead_Baby i shouted #JESUS_CHRIST and he left the #Dead_Baby at the #Dog house and walk away,

As someone that i know and i like the way he do work by cutting there customers #hair i love him as a human being but in a real life he’s not the one cutting my #hair.. So when i get there he dropped the #Dead_Baby i picked up the #Dead_Baby and some people that was gathering there started telling me that i should trope the #Dead_Baby there for the #Dog to eat it i reject and also refuse, i was carrying the #Dead_Baby and saw a little boy that came out where little children’s are kept and little boy rushed out of there,

The little boy hugged me so tight and he had the same face with the #Dead_Baby that am carrying and the little boy that’s holding me by my legs told me that this #Dead_Baby is his brother and as i want to pray the little boy keep disturbing me and i pushed him away for me to do the prayer so i started the prayer for the #Dead_Baby am carrying, and MY PRAYER POINT was GOD THIS BABY WILL NOT DIE and when i said this prayer point like four (4) good times and #BEHOLD the #Dead_Baby started shaking his left hand finger and i shouted THANK YOU JESUS you answered my prayer and I keep shouting telling those people gathering there that the #Dead_Baby is alive now but some never believe me till they saw the #Dead_Baby shaking his body and i was so happy in that #dream and the baby his eyes and i went and picked up the brother i pushed down who was disturbing me before starting my prayer so when i raise the little baby up #Behold he was very happy for what he’s seeing,

That his little #Dead_Brother is now #Alive and it was done by #God #Miracle and those people gathering there was happy that the #Dead_Baby is #Alive and i opened my eyes…

Please can #someone tell me the #MeaningOfThisDream course I don’t know.. thanks..

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Source: MyOwnDream