African Magic Top Kenyan official gets stuck in married woman during illicit sex


A senior county official in Kenya has been caught in a serious scandal after he got stuck inside a married woman.

A top Kenyan County officer recently caused a stir when the fruit of his adulterous relationship with a married woman came to the fore after he was caught stuck inside the woman » .

The incident, according to popular blogger in that country, Samir Nyundo , happened in Kilifi, a resort town on the coast of Kenya, when words spread that a senior county officer got stuck during
sex with another man’s wife » , drawing a large crowd to the scene to catch a glimpse of the piece of action.
The police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the crowd who wanted to see the sordid incident.
This is a rendition of the incident by Nyundo.
“One of the county chief officers is stuck while having a sexual affair with somebody’s wife. A witch doctor has been called now.”
According to the report, the adulterous woman’s husband must have planted a deadly charm called Tego on her so as to curb her infidelity.
“A man who suspects his wife is unfaithful uses it so that every man who has an affair with his wife gets stuck inside her during intercourse or sustains an endless erection.
The condition can only be reversed after a ritual is performed on the victim.”

Nyudo also reported that police rushed to the house after he posted the incident on the social media, to disperse the crowd that had camped there from 10am to 6pm.

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Source: Pulse