No Cheating Anambra women protest against relocation of market


The Anambra state government has however maintained that moving the market from its location is the best option despite the massive protest.

Approximately five Hundred women in Anambra, mostly widows, have taken to the streets to protest against the relocation of a market in Onitsha.
The women, who are traders at the Coca Cola Foods and Vegetable Market , wore black T-Shirts and held placards with inscriptions of protest.

Some of the placards read, “Ogbaru LGA chairman, leave us alone”,
“Seven of us have died in the last two weeks; we have been chased out of our market”,
“We will never leave where we are making money to train our children for places selfish politicians have designed for the money that will go into their pockets”
“Two women were raped along the road where we are told to relocate.”
“Armed robbers attack us on the road to the new location we were told to go and dispossessed us of our money”,
“We are not street traders, don’t classify Obodoukwu Road as street trading place”,
“Where we are presently trading, we do not pay; God sent the owner of the place to help widows numbering over 500 trading there.”
This has however not swayed the state government from discontinuing its plans to relocate the market.
A representative of the government observed that changing the market from its former location was the best decision.

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