Abuse of Authority 6 persons arrested for reporting police torture


A witness stated that the arrest was the police retaliation for their complicity in a report of torture published by a popular newspaper company.

The Adamawa Police Command has arrested six persons for allegedly arresting six persons, who reported an incident of police torture to Punch Newspaper.
Ahmad Aliyu, Nibras Mamman, Muhammed Sulei, Abdulrahman Nasir, Kabir Mubi and Umar Baba , all residents of Jimeta area in Adamawa State were arrested on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, for reporting policemen working at the
Doubeli Police Division, for torturing another resident, Kabiru Ahmed .
According to Punch, the police officers were not impressed by the newspaper’s report on the matter.
Adamu Ibrahim , a resident of the community, narrated the circumstance leading to the reckless arrest.
He also appealed to the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase , and the state commissioner, Ghazzali Mohammed, to intervene.

Ibrahim said, “Around 5pm yesterday (Tuesday), 14 of us went to visit Kabiru (Ahmed) at the hospital. He was able to recognise us but he could not talk.”
“We donated the little amount we contributed to him and left the ward at about 5.30pm.”
“A friend left to visit another patient in the hospital and begged us to wait for him. I was hanging around the premises while the others were at the point where we parked our bus.”
“Then, about 10 policemen in mufti came and asked, ‘Where is Adamu Ibrahim?’ They did not see me, but they arrested the six residents.”
“A friend called the Police Public Relations Officer and informed him of the development, but he said he was not aware. I think it was your (PUNCH’s) report that prompted their action.”
Mallam Ali Mamman , one of the parents of the arrested persons, narrated thated that he was denied access to his son and his friends.
Mamman said, “The policemen did not allow me to have access to my son and refused to tell me the offence he and his friends committed.”
“On Wednesday, the CP called the policemen to bring them. He asked the policemen and the children what happened.”
“The CP asked why the arrest was made but they said they only invited them to the station to gather information.”
“He said what they did was wrong and ordered that they should be released without delay. They have all been released.”
According to Punch, the spokesperson of the Adamawa Police Command,
Othman Abubakar , has denied claims that such an incident occurred.

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Source: Pulse


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