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Global pop star Taylor Swift would be held to different standards if she was a black entertainer.

Taylor Swift does not waste anytime does she? A few weeks after splitting from her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, the 26-year-old global pop star was seen kissing Hollywood actor » Tom Hiddleston.
If it is confirmed that Taylor Swift is indeed in a new relationship this will be her eight boyfriend in eight years, that’s one a man. Swift has gone through so many men that they can make up a 5-side football team with three substitutes.

The amazing thing about Taylor Swift is that she has not lost any of her girl next door charm and personality. In the media she has not lost any of her appeal. She is the Barbie girl of pop and also a media darling.
I can’t help but think that if Taylor Swift was black would the narrative still be the same? Will the press paint her as a sleazy pop singer who bounces from one man to another? One thing is certain the press will be fixated with her dynamic love life and ignore her musical talent.
Yes the mainstream media is addicted to Swift’s love life but her musical talent and accomplishment have had the same level of attention as her boyfriends. If she was black and had eight boyfriends in eight years then the story might be different.
Let’s take a look at Rihanna . She is a brilliant singer but her affairs have been plastered on tabloids to the point of cult obsession. At one time she was christened the ‘Helen of Hip Hop’ after being caught in a love triangle with
Drake and Chris Brown .
If it’s not about Rihanna with Drake and Chris Brown then it’s A$AP Rocky,
Leonardo Dicaprio » or Matt Kemp. Rihanna could win 10 Grammys on one night if she shows up to the event with Drake then the narrative has changed.
It seems that black singers are oversexualized to the point that we forget they are singers and entertainers. They are surely perceived as romantic figures rather than creative entities. Imagine Beyonce had eight boyfriends in eight years…the way in which she would be portrayed is unthinkable.

The narrative distortion won’t only come from the media. Black people would also slander a black Taylor Swift for her long list of boyfriends. The memes would be epic and jokes about Taylor Swift’s body count.
As a black female singer or rapper you have to understand the fact that your love life and sex appeal will be embedded in your musical talent. There won’t be a separation.

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