Signs Of The End Controversial SA pastor orders members to eat Mango leaves


The ever controversial South African Pastor, Penuel Mnguni, has struck yet another one by ordering members to eat mango leaves.

One of the most controversial men of God » in South Africa, Pastor Penuel Mnguni, the Founder and General Overseer of the End Times Disciples Ministries, is at it again as he commanded his members to eat mango leaves, telling them that he has commanded the tree to become Pizzas and Spaghetti from the popular eatery, KFC.
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According to a post on his church’s Facebook page, the incident happened on Sunday, June 19, during one of its deliverance service, when Pastor Mnguni led the members out of the church to the courtyard where he pointed to the tree and commanded them to start chowing on the leaves.
A member of the church eating the mango leaf
Photo Credit: End Times Disciples Ministries
Three of the members, always quick to
believe their pastor » , began plucking the leaves and eating them voraciously.
This is how the church described the incident:
“Demonstration of God’s Power
The Man of God prophet Penuel while ministering about ‘Fathers Who Do not Reject The Power of God’, he went to a Mango tree and declared it to be KFC, Pizza and Spaghetti.
After the declaration he commanded some of the congregants to eat from the tree and as declared, three (3) of the congregants rushed to eat.
After eating they confirmed that what they ate is indeed KFC and the other said it was Pizza and the last one said that it tasted like spaghetti.
To God Be The Glory!”
This is not the first time Pastor Mnguni has stirred up such controversies as he was the same one who ordered his female members not to wear pants and underwear to the church so that the holy spirit can enter them directly.
Another member of the church eating the mango leaf
Photo Credit: End Times Disciples Ministries

He had also ordered them to eat grasses, carpet, swallow live snakes as well as ride on them like horses during services in the past.
Church members struggling to get to the Mango leaves
Photo Credit: End Times Disciples Ministries

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