Abdulahi Olatoyan, Why windscreen washer parted ways with fashion brand, Ouch


Abdulahi Olatoyan,  the dapper windscreen washer who was discovered on the streets and later picked up by Ouch, has now parted ways with the fashion brand. Here’s all you need to know on what went wrong.
Olatoyan had to drop out of school at university of Ilorin after his father died and took to washing windscreens on the streets of Abeokuta, where he was discovered. The middle aged man garnered a lot of attention due to his dapper style.
Later on, fashion brand, Ouch got wind of the story of the windscreen washer that quickly went viral and invited the gentleman to the their store, where he was promised by creative director of Ouch, Uche Nnaji, » to be trained for free. He also featured in an editorial for
La Mode magazine » .
However, recently a video surfaced, after two young lady discovered Olatoyan back on the streets, washing windscreens and they interviewed him for his own side of the story. According to Olatoyan, he said that the creative director actually never offered him a naira, except for 1000 naira once and that he only wanted to use him for publicity.
However, according to a source closely related to the brand, in a phone interview, exclusively obtained by Pulse, Olatoyan walked away and went back to windscreen cleaning.
The brand had decided to enroll
Olatoyan into the National Open University to continue his education, after it was discovered that he couldn’t quite fit into Ouch , given his skill set.
He was also given the opportunity to learn other skills including tailoring but then disappeared after that discussion, until he was discovered back on the streets of Maryland. Ouch stated that they tried to call him but he never picked up their call and they have since moved on without him, in trying to protect their brand and their name.

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Source: Pulse