In India Leopard drags 12-yr-old girl to her death while parents slept



A 12-year-old girl has reportedly been killed by a leopard after it dragged her out of bed while she slept next to her her parents.

The victim identified as Ravina was reportedly found covered in mud with her body mutilated in the family backyard in a village near Udaipur, India.
The reports reveal that Ravina who had been lying next to her father identified as, Ranjit Singh and her mother on the terrace of their family house, was grabbed around the neck by the leopard around midnight.
Ravina’s mother is said to have realised that she was missing at about 4am that morning, when she alerted other family members and a frantic search for the victim began.
She was later found dead in their backyard with teeth marks and other mutilations all over her body.
Ravina’s death is reported to be the second of such incidents caused by leopards to have taken place within the area, and the villagers are in a uproar because the police is yet to do anything to restrict the animals from attacking them.

The police as well as the forest authorities have reportedly been alerted, asking that the animal be tracked down and killed, which would put an end to the attacks.

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Source: Pulse

Author: IkemSamuelblog

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