​Boko Haram Terrorists kill 11 in Cameroon

A security source said most of the victims were members of a local vigilant

A Boko Haram suicide bomber has killed 11 people after blowing up himself near a Mosque, reports say.

Reuters reports that the incident occurred after the breaking of the Muslim Ramadan fast.

According to Vanguard, a security source said most of the victims were members of a local vigilante group.

Adding that “They were gathered in a video room when the attacker entered and triggered his explosives

“Seven people were killed immediately, including the bomber.”

Channels TV also reports that a Cameroonian Army officer confirmed that the suicide bomber was a very young boy.

Also, the Governor of the region,

Midjiyawa Bakari said “We are asking on the local population to wait until we give the go-ahead for the resumption of such activities, especially on the frontline.”

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  • Source: Pulse

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    1. Since #God said that he create us in his own image, and he’s #Love, that mean since God created with his own image and he’s #Love we should be in Love of Christ all time in our life!… #True of #Fuse?


      1. False. The image is the form that we are having the form that God has visually seen. God has hands and feet and a face like we have. What is needed is his character in us. Many revel in the body that has blood in it thinking violence is good. They that persist in that grieve God’s loving spirit out of them. Thier words become unfriendly thinking that that is good.

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