Weekly report (Every Sunday) of the AfricaNews247 Poll on the need for a referendum in Nigeria. Started from 26th June 2016,VOTE NOW TO AFFECT THE RESULT, NIGERIANS ARE SPEAKING UP.

PUBLIC OPINION POLL: is a very important element of democracy, public opinion polls now play an important role in politics, Polls tell us what proportion of a population has a specific viewpoint. They do not explain why respondents believe as they do or how to change their minds. This is the work of social scientists and scholars. Polls are simply a measurement tool that tells us how a population thinks and feels about any

given topic.

This can be useful in helping different cultures understand one another because it gives the people a chance to speak for themselves instead of letting only vocal media stars speak on behalf of all. Opinion polling gives people who do not usually have access to the media an opportunity to be heard.

When everyone is saying something any reasonable government and international community will listen…..


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77 thoughts on “​POLL #BIAFREXIT: WEEK 2 RESULTS: NO=33 Vs YES=2,604 VOTES FOR REFERENDUM -#ChosenOneBlog”

  1. Bro where you there? IPOB only need 60 percent of boycott but in they succceedly get 75 to 79 percent in the boycott so bros many pictures where snap and send to UN and some other developed countries, and UNHR was there as well, when I said UNHR i mean United Nation Human Rights {UNHR} So believe me soon something big will happen to Nigeria!.. Believe it or leave it Bro!…

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  2. Al we want is biafra nigeria is evilforest for we biafrans ,no biafra no life our blood group is bifra and thats al

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