​In Abuja Transformer explodes killing pregnant woman, 5 others

Tundunwada satellite town in Abuja experienced tragedy when a transformer exploded in the area reportedly killing a pregnancy woman as well as five others.

PUNCH Metro reports that the transformer exploded on Saturday, July 2, 2016, electrocuting six people, while another four, including a six-year-old boy identified as Destiny Okolo, sustained injuries.

The reports reveal that the transformer was on fire for roughly 10 minutes before the devastating explosion sent current surging into some apartments in the area.

The pregnant victim was reportedly in the process of turning off her fan when she got electrocuted, before her son raised an alarm which attracted the neighbours of her demise.

The young boy has been taken to a Catholic church to await the arrival of his father who is reportedly based in Lagos State.

Destiny’s is reportedly recuperating at home as his father reveals that he has spent over N11,000 on is medical bills.

His mother tells PUNCH Metro :

“We attempted to run from the house, but the electric current injured Destiny in the face and behind the ear. Another person, Edwin Joseph, was also injured in the waist.”

Another survivor, Donald Terlumun , tells of how he was taking a nap in his room when screams from outside his house, and when he attempted to leave the house, got electrocuted.

“As I made to step out, the door shocked me and threw me against the wall. I shouted and made for the door again and the next thing was that I was flung outside where I hit my face on the ground. I later opened my eyes to find myself in the hospital.”

The AEDC who is currently being blamed for the mishap is reported to have admitted to the fault on their part with promises to compensate the inured as well as the families of the dead.

The Head, Corporate Communications and Community Relations, AEDC, Mr. Oyebode Fadipe , has disclosed that further investigations are being carried out on the unfortunate incident, declining to speak about compensations until the cause of the accident has been established and a decision made by the management.

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