​In Abia State, Abia Polytechnic student murders landlord over female guest

A polytechnic student has reportedly murdered the landlord of a student lodge over a disagreement concerning a female house guest.

The suspect identified simply as Abel, a student of the Abia State Polytechnic, is reported to have stabbed the victim in the stomach before fleeing the scene.

PUNCH Metro reports that Abel, a final year student of the department of Architecture, reportedly murdered the landlord of one of the lodges at the Immaculate area of Aba, Abia State over a disagreement involving a female visitor at the lodge.

The landlord reportedly banned female visitors from spending the night in the lodge, a rule Abel flaunted, challenging the landlord to a fight, during which he stabbed the victim in the stomach. The unidentified landlord is reported to have died on the spot

A witness identified simply as Beatrice, revealed to PUNCH Metro that the caretaker of the lodge had been the first to notice the female in the lodge, which he in turn reported to the landlord.

The news reports reveal that the Landlord had barged into the room, meeting Abel and his girlfriend, naked, which had led to the scuffle.

She said:

“The incident happened around 9pm on June 29. The deceased had made a rule that no student living in the lodge should bring a lady to pass the night there. He also made it a rule that every visitor, be it male or female, must leave before night falls.

“However, the suspect brought home a female guest in the evening and both of them went inside his room. The caretaker of the lodge saw them and waited for them to come out, but they didn’t. He then put a call through to the landlord, who hurriedly went to the building around 9pm.

“On arrival, the landlord barged into the student’s room where he met both the lady and the student naked. Instead of excusing himself, he attacked the student with punches. The lady quickly grabbed a wrapper and ran out of the room into another student’s room in the lodge.

“As the confrontation continued, the student stabbed the landlord with a knife, put on his boxers and fled that night, leaving the landlord dead in his room.”

The police have reportedly launched a manhunt for Abel, whose picture has been posted in strategic positions all over the school.