​In Pakistan Islam extremists allegedly cut off Christian’s arms for refusing to Convert

A Christian had his arms chopped off for refusing to convert to Islam.

Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) claims Aqeel Masih

was kidnapped by Islam extremists, who tried to force him to abandon his faith,

ChristianToday reports.

According to the Christian organisation, his refusal led to the loss of his limbs.

“[The] extremists exerted pressure on him to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam. Aqeel however, did not give up on his Christian faith and refused to comply with their demand. Notwithstanding…his rebuttal, they chopped off his both arms, and absconded” , LEAD said.

The police has a different explanation for this.

Police officer, Ammara Athar, said

Masih ‘s arms were “chopped off in a train accident”, as he is believed to be an addict, who had an overdose.

“The circumstantial evidences do not support the claims of the victim. Apparently, it seemed that the man lost his arms in a train accident. We have yet to testify the claim of Aqil, we believe his arms were chopped off in a train accident,” he said.

This took place in Lahore, a city in


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  1. People are desperately wicked. Who can know it? Righteous people see wicked people. Wicked people do to others what they would not want to be done to them. People need to consider the flesh of others as if it was their own flesh People who don’t consider my words will be burned up around the city of God.

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