​Ndigbo’s security to dominate discussion at IAM summit

How best to tackle security of lives and property of Ndigbo in South East and Nigeria in general will dominate discussion at the Igbo World Summit slated to hold this weekend in Enugu State.

The summit organized under the auspices of Igbo Awareness For Development Initiatives (IADI), also known as Igbo Awareness Movement (lAM) is expected to attract the participation of Igbo leaders and intellectuals.

The summit, according to Chief Larry Illoh, Chairman, Board of Trustee, BOT, of the group, in a world press conference at the weekend will discuss agree on broad Igbo agenda and political manifesto in the national polity.

Iloh said that unless Igbo people are united, security issue may remain unabated in the South East region.

While calling for a united Ndi Igbo in the pursuit of political positions in the Nigerian politics, he said that, “Our sole objective is to provide an integrative platform for all Igbo leaders, politicians and the intelligentsia, to discuss and chart a new way forward which we believe will midwife a home grown, generally acceptable political party which will serve as our backbone in our future relationships with other sections of Nigeria”.

To highlight the current precarious and ignoble situation of Igbo politics and aspirations in Nigeria and the need to seek an urgent reversal and long term rectification of the political heritage and future of Nd’lgbo, ignite the urgent and pressing need for the formation of a focused Igbo political party with the entire Igboland as its immediate sphere of influence and control, to enjoin selflessness and rectitude from all our politicians and political gladiators for the sake of Igboland, which shall manifest in the coalition and merging of all existing Igbo political parties like APGA, PPA, UPP, among others into a new political party with a new name and a fresh agenda latently and remotely centred on the emancipation of Igboland, through the ballot box, among others, according to the BOT Chairman are part of the objectives of the summit.

Calling all good people of Ndigbo to get involved in the new movement, Iloh who is also a human right activist said that, “We fervently hope to set standards and codes for our political leaders based on identifiable and crystallized Igbo agenda and manifesto so that, irrespective of political party membership and/or affiliation every Igbo leader has a duty to pay utmost respect and allegiance to the Igbo agenda.

“This informed our belief that having a home-grown political party either from the scratch or through the merger of various ‘Igbo’ parties and organizations, will hugely facilitate achieving our collective altruistic objectives for Igboland”.

Besides the proposed political structure, he said that it is the intention of the group to further re-energize and strengthen the Igbo Town Union System, youth associations and other Igbo community leadership structures.

We believe these are essential structures that will positively sensitize and galvanize our people, while engendering the success of this vision, he said.

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  4. Source: Vanguard