​Economy: FG no longer knows what to do —Importers

LAGOS— Vice President, Association of Nigeria Tyre Marketers, ANTM, Okechuku Eze-Ifeoma, has said the Federal Government was confused on what next to do about the foreign exchange policy crisis faced by the economy currently.

Speaking with Vanguard in Lagos, Eze-Ifeoma said the principle officers in government who were supposed to deal with economic issues seemed to have run out of ideas.

According to him, “the whole system has gone bad, nothing is working. People, who are working for you are asking for increment because what they have in hand cannot even buy them anything again. So, you have to sympathise with them. On your own side, as the employer, you are not making profit to sustain them. It is very bad.

“I made a point earlier that government is confused because the policies they are making have failed them. In one year, they have continued to come up with different policies and at the end of the day, all of them have failed.

“I am not an economist but as a typical businessman, there is nowhere they are getting dollars, the oil business has collapsed and the president, on the other hand, is depending on his policy makers who seem not to know what next to do.”

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  4. Source: Vanguard