​Who Remember Dee Sam Onunaka Mbakwe formal Imo State Governor?

Google About this lovely Man of Imolight.

For less than four and half years this man was governor of Imo, Abia and Ebonyi combined. He built an industry in every local government, he built a multi-campus university, he built the most enduring roads, hospitals and schools throughout the three old states. His people loved him and he wept for them sometimes. He had an average annual budget of about of 100 million naira and only got an average of 100,000 naira in security votes annually. His official vehicle was 504 Peugeot. He had no other houses apart from one old village house. When he got sick several years later he could hardly see money for overseas medical attention. When he died he practically had no money but was beloved and still revered across Nigeria. His name is Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe. His name still evokes love, respect and nostalgia. Nwanne ngwanu, now compare and cImolight.

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