​Muslim ladies in UK complained of discrimination at work

Muslim ladies in UK complained of discrimination at work just because they wear their ‘hajab’, but all way from America, Donald Trump replied them and hear him.
“When Christian or Western women go to to Islamic countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia, women must respect their custom or religion by wearing hijab or you will be beheaded, but when Arab women come to the west, they don’t respect western custom or religion by removing the so called Hijab, rather the argument begins by saying ‘they should be allowed to exercise their human and religious right’ but while the western women are not allowed to exercise her human and religious right by not wearing Hijab in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Who is fooling who here???

Donald Trump then stated

‘That’s crazy Arab, women want to enjoy human and religious right in the west but western women don’t enjoy the same in Arab world’. @Donald J Trump

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  4. Source: Donal J Trump

3 thoughts on “​Muslim ladies in UK complained of discrimination at work”

  1. Muslim men who oppress women and everyone else with fear using Sharia need to see that Allah destroyed what God made impersonating God. God made things to be eternal. Allah made them to be mortal as we see them. Muslim men need to see this repenting of Islam refusing to bow to Allah or die. Repenting will free the women. Muslim men being killed will free the women.

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  2. The women want to have that Burka off. They are afraid to take them off. Their husbands would torture them or kill them had they take the burka off. Muslim women rejoice when they do not have to wear that man made thing. Islam is as toxic to people as vaccinations. The only way to free them is to have the Muslim men change seeing Allah as an oppressive being who destroyed the stars God made that were eternal or have the Muslim men to be dead.

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