How to apply for Nigerian international e-passport: 2018 requirements

How to apply for Nigerian international e-passport: 2018 requirements
Anyone from Nigeria who wants to go abroad should have an international passport otherwise it is impossible to cross the border legally. There are specific requirements for international passport each citizen has to meet in order to get this important document. What is the passport price? How easy or difficult is it to get this document? We will guide you through the process of how to get international e-passport in Nigeria.

You should receive your passport through Nigeria Immigration Service e-passport Portal. There is the official site you can go to and get all the information along with the application form and apply for your passport.

Nigerian international e-passport

Nowadays you can get an electronic passport to travel outside Nigeria. Such passport is known as e-passport. There are two types of them offered by NIP (Nigeria Immigration Portal):

Official e-passport

Standard e-passport

It is possible to apply for such an international passport online through Nigerian Immigration Service site or at the physical NIS office. Nigerians who live abroad can also apply for this document online and get a document at their local consulate or embassy.

Requirements for international e-passport

We’ll focus on the ‘fresh application’ procedure and the requirements you must meet in order to apply and obtain the Nigerian e-passport successfully.

Requirements for minor citizens (under 18 years old):

Parent’s proof of citizenship

Certificate of birth in Nigeria

One photo of a minor (standard size for passports) signed by a parent or parents

Application form for e-passport (completed)

Letters of consent from 2 or 1 parent (or the Court Order is one parent is unavailable)

Proof of the payment

Requirements for adults (18+ years old):

Citizen ID card with either a letter from the employer or identification letter that proves users is a resident of Nigeria

Certificate of marriage (if a person is married)

Application form for the standard international passport (it should be completed by the applicant)

Birth certificate

Two photos (standard size for passports)

Special form completed and signed by guarantor (commissioner for Oaths)

Guarantor’s photo (standard size for passports)

Copy of the guarantor’s e-passport

Proof of the payment

How much is international passport in Nigeria

The total price for the Nigerian passport depends on how it is issued and by whom. All the fees are non-refundable. Right now Nigerians can pay for their e-passports only online.

Applicants have to pay for the passport, address verification, and delivery (these charges are only paid by people who apply in Nigeria).

There are two types of booklets: 32 and 64 pages. The price depends on applicant’s age and type of the booklet. We’ll show the example of price for a standard e-passport issues for the first time.

64-page booklet cost

All ages – 20,000 Naira

Address verification fee – 2,000 Naira

32-page booklet cost

Minor (0-17 years old) – 8,750 Naira

Adults (18-59 years old) – 15,000 Naira

Elder people (60+ years old) – 8,750 Naira

Address verification cost – 2,000 Naira

Delivery fee – depends on the delivery method chosen by an applicant.

How to get international e-passport in Nigeria

These are the main requirements, cost, and application process for a standard international passport (e-passport) for Nigerian citizens who are applying from within the country.



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