United Nations recognises Aba Women’s Riot of 1929

The leaders of the riot against colonial

The event saw Aba women standing up against perceived social and economic injustice by the colonial masters.

The United Nations Women agency has recognised the Aba women’s riot of 1929 as a remarkable women-led movement in the world.

This recognition is given to this struggle as part of 2018 celebration of the

International Women Day (IWD) whose theme is : “ Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives » ”.

Aba Women riot is a revolt by women in the eastern Nigeria city of Aba against exploitative tax regime of the colonial masters. This struggle forms an important part of the nationalist movement in Nigeria.

The body said about the event: “Incensed by their social standing under colonial rule, the Igbo women send palm leaves, similar to today’s Facebook invite, to their fellow sisters across Southeastern Nigeria.”

“Together they descend in the thousands to ‘sit on’ or make ‘war on’ undemocratically appointed chiefs by publicly shaming them through singing, dancing, banging on their walls and even tearing down roofs.

“Although the backlash against protests turns deadly, it eventually forces the chiefs to resign and market tax impositions on women to be dropped,” the UN Women said.

International Women Day is an annual event which holds on March 8. It is used to celebrate women across the globe, especially those that played role in the society.

This event has taken the form of global marches and campaigns. And now served as an avenue to discuss issues ranging from women rights and participation in governance.

The first International Women’s Day in 1911.


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