Bank error makes customer an instant multi-billionaire

An honest bank customer owned up to staff when a computer error made him a multi-billionaire in a matter of seconds.

Wuttichai Meemak, from Phetchaburi in Thailand, opened an account at Krungthai Bank and deposited a modest 9,000 THB or Thai baht (about N103,485) into his new account.

But when he checked his balance at a cash point outside, he got the shock of his life. His balance was listed as 999 999 999 THB (N11.5 billion).

Thinking there must have been a screen fault with the ATM, Wuttichai tried his card in a different one nearby but got the same balance once again.

He then tested whether the money was really available by withdrawing more than he deposited, and confessed to local media that he’d at first thought of going on a wild spending spree.

“I tried to check whether it was an error,” says Wuttichai. “I did withdraw 20 000 THB (N229,968) from the ATM and the cash came out. In fact, I earlier deposited 9 000 THB (N103,485). But the ATM slip still showed 999 999 999 THB (N11.5 billion).”

But instead of buying luxury items, he went back to the bank and explained the mishap that had occurred.

“Images of a car and a house immediately came to my mind, only to be replaced with a jail, a jail, and a jail. So I informed the bank. The bank staff was stunned but it’s not my money,” he says.

After hearing the story, local media praised Wuttichai for his honesty and reported that his balance has been restored to the correct amount.

Source: Magazine Features


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