​Military takeover: Millions of Igbo youths will defend Ekweremadu – Ohanaeze NEWS

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, has warned that any attempt to intimidate the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu over his recent comments on ‘military take over of government’ would be resisted by the Igbo youths.

DAILY POST recalls that Ekweremadu had at Senate plenary cautioned that Nigerians should be careful not to undermine democratic principles as it was still possible for the military to capitalize on that..

However, his comments did not go down well with the military authorities, who immediately issued a reprimand.

In a statement issued Tuesday, signed by the OYC President General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, he said Igbo youths would defend Ekweremadu against any form of intimidation.

He said, “We have followed with keen interest the controversies that have so far trailed a very honest statement made by the Distinguished President of the Senate, Chief Ike Ekweremadu on the floor of the Senate.

“Without mincing words, all honest men and women in the country cannot feign ignorance over various abuses of the country’s laws by governments at various levels.

“Suffice it to say, therefore, that Ekweremadu merely stated the obvious by cautioning Nigerians not to take our much cherished democracy for granted.

“However, it is quite shocking that some enemies of democracy, the same kind of people Ekweremadu talked about have so misinterpreted his comments to mean that he is calling for a coup. What could be farther from the truth. Some mischief makers have even gone to the extent of falling for his arrest.

“We, therefore, warn sternly that Igbo youths will not sit and watch some idle minds disparage Ekweremadu for no just cause.

“For those calling for his arrest, they should be prepared to arrest him alongside millions of Igbo youths who are ready to defend him.

“Any attempt to harass, prosecute, Ekweremadu will lead to a civil disturbance that will have no control.

“Ekweremadu is a law abiding Senator, who chooses his words very carefully; those calling for his arrest should channel such energy towards resolving the crisis in Benue and other parts of the middle belt.

“From this hour onwards, the Ohanaeze Youths in their millions will be guarding Ekweremadu; so, before they will touch him, they should first of all be prepared to take along millions of Igbo youths.”

He called on Ekweremadu to be calm, stressing “we are solidly behind him; he should remember that millions of Ohanaeze youths behind him are more than those against him.”


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