LOVE makes you stronger

Love it’s a short word, just four Letters (L.O.V.E).

It’s easy to toss such a word around casually,

Such As: 

  • I LOVE ice cream
  • I LOVE music
  • I Think I’m in LOVE
  • But I tell you True LOVE the real lasting LOVE,

Is something very different, in fact the Bible teaches us that:

  •  Love is patient
  • LOVE is kind
  • LOVE is humble
  • LOVE honors others
  • LOVE is not easily angered
  • LOVE offers forgiveness
  • LOVE rejoices with the truth
  • LOVE always protects
  • LOVE always trusts
  • LOVE always hopes
  • LOVE always perseveres

    So how do you live out this kind of LOVE

    •  LOVE is putting your spouse before yourself
    • LOVE is being patient and kind with your children
    • LOVE is being respectful to your parents and lovers
    • LOVE is giving money to the needy
    • LOVE is sharing your faith with your neighbors
    • LOVE is having patience with that mean store clerk
    • LOVE is working hard to heal broken relationship
    • LOVE is spending a week doing mission work in church and also in peoples lives
    • LOVE is forgiving that man or woman at work or anywhere like JESUS CHRIST forgives you always.

    Our Purpose in Life

    Is to experience God’s LOVE and to share his LOVE with the world today and every day of the year, “Choose LOVE”, JESUS CHRIST did, and remember whosever doesn’t LOVE doest know God, because God is LOVE and LOVE is God.. First John 4:8.

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