​This is why you should never use coconut oil on your hair

Who knew?

Whether we’re frying our veggies in it or slathering it over our dry skin, the world has gone loco for all things coco.

However, after news broke that coconut oil could actually be *bad* for our skin, we were keen to find out whether the same was true for our hair.

We called on Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, to weigh in on the topic – and his verdict was seriously insightful.


Is coconut oil good or bad for our dry hair?

“People often use hair oils to moisten their hair, but I often say that when hair needs moisture, it is thirsty and needs a drink. In fact, oil and water don’t mix. Oil actually repels water and either pushes it out of the hair or stops it from getting into the hair.”

What exactly is coconut oil doing to our hair, then?

“If your hair has been damaged from over-processing from colour, or is weak and fragile, you need to get amino acids into the hair shaft, so definitely don’t want to coat your hair in oil.

“Hair oils – and especially coconut oil – tend to seep into every tiny hole in your hair shaft and disguise the real problem to act as a quick-fix; this won’t help your hair in the long-run and is one of the main reasons I advise against using oils in your hair.”

What should we be using to hydrate our hair instead?

“Instead of using oils to fight frizz, always use low PH products on your hair. This will keep the cuticle flatter, meaning less tangle. Tangled hair is often the cuticle scales of your hair interlocking with each other.

Use moisturising masks on a regular basis as an alternative to oils to really penetrate dry, damaged hair and begin a long-term treatment process to healthy, strong hair.”

Looks like we’ll be sticking to only using coconut oil for baking, then. Here are some moisturising masks you can use instead…

Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk

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