​Orange As Medicine

The orange is both a literal and symbolic embodiment of the sun, from whose light it is formed. As a whole food it irradiates us with a spectrum of healing properties, the most prominent of which some call “vitamin C activity,” Science now confirms the orange has a broad range of medicinal properties, which is why the ancients knew it both as a food and a medicine.
Orange is one such food-medicine marvel, containing a broad range of compounds increasingly being recognized to be essential for human health and a natural remedy for toothache, dysentery, fever, headache and its antiscorbutic, antimicrobial and anthelmintic this antimicrobial agent can be found in many compounds, flow freely without the aid of fertilizer.

The fruits twigs, stem and bark of this plant are useful as medicine for the treatment of some deadly disease. A single orange can meet more than 100 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. This vital nutrient helps improve your…

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