A character is a quality or feature a human posses which makes you different from others.
Beauty is the quality of being pleasing to the sense or the mind.

Your character is your personality, it’s who you are, your character is what distinguished you from others, your character is what takes you to place where others can’t go, your character is your visa to your success in life, your character is your beauty, looking good outside and having a mess_up inside just prove that you are doom.

Take time in beautifying your character as the definition of beauty said, quality of being pleasing to the sense. let your character be pleasing.

Take the same time you use in beautifying your face to beautify your character.

Have a positive thinking towards your character cos it gives you either good or bad name.

Sit down and think who you are and what you posses as a character if it will you up to the sky.

Don’t forget that your character is the beauty of your life.

Enjoy your life with a beautiful CHARACTER.


Share to people who you don’t want their life to be messed up.

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