This is my Easter advice to women. The idea that he loves you, and that is enough, is wrong. Love is never enough. It is important, but it is not enough. Love is essential, but you need more. Love is necessary, but it is not sufficient. 
You need more than love to be happy. You need something extra in order to consider your marriage or even your life worth it.  
You need respect, in addition to love. You need to be respected by your husband or the man in your life. You need to be respect by his relatives. You need to be respected by all those people you consider family. If your husband can meet a woman and tell her that he is not married, and totally deny your existence, he may still love you, but he certainly does not respect you.
Love is not enough. Love without respect is nothing. I have a lot of such love for my pet, ie my German Shepard. I love my BMW 745Li. I love them because I don’t want to lose them. They are precious. They make me happy. I love my car and my dog. Indeed, I will be miserable if I lose them. But I don’t respect  them. I can’t respect my dog even though I love it. I cannot respect my car even though I think it is the ultimate driving machine. 
So, seek to be respected, not just to be loved. It is good to be loved. But it is more important to be respected.
So, woman, try to be a contributor to your family’s  wealth, and not just a liability. 
Get a job. Earn your own income. You can give it all to your husband. But try to earn it first, please.
Just keep trying because nothing good comes easy and by the way, the best love is self-love. If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you. If you are willing to be a slave, so shall people take you to be. 

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