Cure for Fibroid

Fibroid are tumors or lumps that grow in the womb. Untreated fibroid could lead to infertility and frequent miscarriage.

Cause of Fibroid

Some causes of fibroid are;

Hereditary, Careless use of contraceptives, Abortion, Excessive D & C. Hormones, Genetic influence, Some chemicals, Excess starchy food.

Symptoms of Fibroid

Some symptoms of fibroid are;

Heavy bleeding during menstrual periods, increase in urination due to fibroid growth, Back pain, Leg pain, Pelvic pain, Constant menstrual pain, pain during sex, Loss of appetite, Constipation.

Fibroid Natural Remedy


  • Water
  • Neem Bark, (Dogonyaro) Bark
  • Root
  • Leaves
  • Superdose Capsule
  • Fibroid Striker (From India).


Boil the Neem bark, root and leaves with the water.


Preserve and drink half glass cup with 2 capsule of superdose and 2 spoonful of Fibroid Strinker 2 times daily.


Take 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning everyday. Then get white kernel (Unripe Palm Kernel Nut) chew at least 25 to 30 nuts everyday for 12 weeks. If pain follows, take one glass of Aloe Vera juice pluse honey.

Fighting Fibroid with Food

We receive so many question to about the effect of diet on fibroid. So below are some food that can fight fibroid naturally:

Increase Dietary Fibre:-

  • Fibroid can help flush toxins from our body and possibly aid in balancing hormones. Fibre is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Avoid Processed Food:-

  • Refines foods contain high doses of salt, sugar and fats, and lack many essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.

Increase Essential Fatty Acid:-

  • EFA’s are not produced by the body and thus must be include in the diet, without them your body connot perform certain critical biological pricesses. Some good source of this EFA includes Fish, Shell Fish, Soya Oil, Moringa Seed Oil, Vegetables and Walnut.

Eat Red Meat including Pork:-

  • Because they increases estrogen when encourages the growth of fibroid.

Monitor Your Weight:-

Obesity has been associated with the presence of fibroid.

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