10 medicinal value of Sperm

  1. Semen is a natural anti-depresant. Studies have shown that semen elevates your mode and even reduces suicide thought. 
  2. Semen reduces anxiety- It boost anti-anxiety hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and progesterone, hence combating early menopause.
  3. It improves the quality of your sleep – Semen contains melatonin,  a sleep-inducing agent.
  4. Increases energy.

  1. It improves cardio health and prevents pre-eclampsia which causes dangerous high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  2. Semen even improves memory.
  3. Semen prevent morning sickness. But only if it is the same semen that caused your pregnancy.
  4. Semen improves mental alertness.
  5. Semen slow down the ageing process of your skin and muscles. It contains a healthy portion of zinc which is an anti-oxidant.
  6. Semen reduces pain..

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