Some Girls bad character

Girls why will you pack your load and be living in your boyfriends house, went to my brother house only to see his girlfriend load everywhere which i know my brother is not even ready for marriage in next 3 years, i told her my mind today, pack out of my brother house his not ready for marriage, if my mother meet you here you will hate your self, what does this girls tell her parent at home before leaving her parents home, nothing more but lies.
Now my question is this:

The girl that visit the brother what’s her business on that issue? Wasn’t his brother accepted her girl friend to stay? That’s the problem with we most Africans, yes i know that you’re trying to protect your brother but he never as any protection from you.. So i as ask again

Who is to blame Here? 
Is it the guy that invited the lady to come and live with him knowing fully well that he is not ready for marriage anytime soon and won’t marry her OR Is it the lady that packed her things to a guys house that is not married to her yet.

Your opinion needed.


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