Fake people in Nigeria politics

​I can’t stop thinking about this atrocities that’s happening in this country called Nigeria, Is very hard for people like me to do something in the internet because of poor power supply, and we do pay the bills but we never get what we pay for, that’s the problem of this shithole county, when Trump called African country shithole county i never panic because Nigeria is completely a shithole county where you will pay for something and you won’t get it and if you take them to court they will win you because they have the power, and if you report to the police they will get you arrested in some area and if you protest they will send the military to shoot you people that’s protesting without anybody saying shit to them!!.. Nothing good can be where evil are been done and they covered it.. People are in hell in this shithole county,

One of my facebook friend said that when ever he’s dying that he will hold Nigerian flag on his hand so that when he get to heaven if God want to judge him he will look at his hand and God will see that he have Nigerian flag that he already come from hell!!… Because is a shithole county!!…

Am tired of fake people in this country Nigeria, fake people representing people, death people representing the ones that are alive.. Is it not a shithole county???


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