​Every day foods that hurt male fertility

1. Men, avoid these foods!
Infertility in men is increasing at an alarming rate. Medical reasons aside, even some foods can play havoc with a man’s fertility. We list down some of the foods that men should avoid to improve their sperm…

2. Carbonated beverages

Sipping on carbonated beverages, like soft drinks or sports drink can impact your sperm count. A study published in Human Reproduction, regular drinking of carbonated beverages is linked to poor sperm motili…

3. Processed meat

Eating processed meat can compromise your sperm count. According to a Harvard study (2014), men who consumed processed meat in excess had 23 per cent lower sperm quality than guys who ate it in small quantit…

4. Alcohol

This is another reason to ditch your glass of alcohol. The more you drink, the more it impacts your sperm count. In fact, according to some studies, even if you drink in moderation, you are compromising on y…

5. Cheese and full cream milk

According to a study done in Human Reproduction in 2013, excess consumption of cheese and full fat milk may impact sperm count. Dairy products do add protein and essential nutrients required by the body but …

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