​Revealing the hidden secrets of the biggest deception

  • The people who brought Christianity into Africa brought the concept of spiritual dehumanization of the African spiritual consciousness through introducing white God creator imagery and white goddess imagery, according to these European version of spirituality the only negative spiritual being that looked African was Satan also some times called the devil, the only difference is the imaginary horn.
  • According to this European religion God is a white man living in the sky in a place called heaven, prior to the European invasion into Africa there was already a concept of creation and the name of the force or forces that organized all things at the very genesis of our being as human was known to these African tribes in their own languages in igbo (chi-ukwu-okike) in Yoruba (olodumeri) in Ghana (nyame), the Europeans stole the concept of chi-ukwu-okike and made it to look like an European man who had one son “who he sent to die for all”, the truth about African version of creation which first was not created but organised out of matters that had already been without form, chi-ukwu-okike is not a man he’s immortal invisible in nature of men, it is as the air he is not a man in the sky as potraid by deceptive Christianity, the invisible gives birth to the invisible, the visible gives birth to the visible, each of the African tribes belive that the maker of their being into existence made the first man and women in their indigenous land and not in Israel but in Africa. I told Christians there is no account in their bible where their white man create hell or Sara
  • The pectoral images of heaven that was introduced by the Europeans who brought Christianity into Africa gave pictures that only shows white people and quite unharmful animals in the eternal heaven, yet according to their bible there is no heaven, their own bible said God created heaven, ask them where was that white man called God when he was creating the heaven, and why will the Son of their God say he was going to prepare a place where he will take them to, is the place already existing or not?, Their Jesus is not yet back to prove he have made the place yet they already have pictures of heaven everywhere.
  • According to the bible God made a man’s wife pregnant to bring in his special son into this world through her, first of all its abominable to impregnate a mans wife in African culture, secondly she gave birth to more than two children after given birth to the Jesus Christ, yet Christianity want you to believe such a married woman of more than three children died as a virgin just because they believe the nigro hate to read. If I told my grandma is a virgin will you belive it, so why will a woman who they claimed died over 2000 year be a virgin after having over three kids from her vagina.
  • A heavily pregnant woman can’t ride on a Horse, Donkey or Carmel for that distance in harsh cold winter weather and did not have miscarriage. The distance from Jerusalem to Egypt is about 696 km, A woman who drove with car on a rough road had miscarriage and the distance was just about 400 km from lagos to delta state I know her she lost the twin, According to the bible the shepherd where watching their sheep’s at night which was probably the night Jesus was born, The question is how can shepherd do their shepherd work in the cold winter and at night, does their sheep eat snore? 
  • Apart from the summer periods, Other periods of about seven to eight month’s are very hot in Israel this is a climate which always hotter then Ghana, And i can still remember that my whites mtc companion in Ghana had this sun shade cream he was using on his skin just about few years ago so how can three white people survive a sun hotter than that of Ghana in the age of zero ac and had to go hiding in the midst of people who are cushi kemets, The Egyptians where also called cushites in the bible in Arabic if you are called cushi it means you are brown or dark a skin person, And kemet being a word that had to do with black, how can three white people hade in the midst of such civilised black people and would not be noticed?
  • The child called jesus being a white dude had two name that are completely roman and yet no account of him ever being in Rome, He lived In Egypt from infant age till almost the age of 12 and yet had no Egyptian name, But rather two Roman names, Jesus and Christ has nothing to do with the language of those who call them selfs Jews it’s Roman names.
  • The hair colour of the Jesus is a sickness and his skin colours also considered unclean according to the bible as a mater of fact the bible explained that Jesus is from the tribe of Judah, The bible explained more of their blackness or nigroness, according to the bible all Israelites are blacks and sometimes called Niggers, His eyes where Red according to the man killed on the cross as the king of the Jews in the bible and not a yellow or green eye.
  • We who are digging out the truth are aware that the ancient names of some places in West Africa was given to some places in Israel and the concept of Judaism Christianity etc, Hell and Heaven religions where derived from the spirituality of Biafrans and Kemet but mingled with allegories and some deception.
  • Who is the man in that picture? It’s not God black man neither does he have any thing at all to do with purity what you see in that picture is the biggest lie ever told, devil means deception and not a black man with horn, this lie called Jesus Christ has a lot of pictures he is a different white man in all his different looks and he shows different hand signs too.
  • The Image you see as Jesus Christ (a.k.a) Roman Caesar Borgia who is the Son of the 6th pope, He’s no god but the devil, and he always displaying hand signs of his purpler hand sign with his right hand having two if his fingers, The second and third finger facing up like the U sign, that’s the Nazi sign of war and conquest, the first slave ship of conquest into Africa was called Jesus owned by the Jews and used by their brother’s the European Americans.
  • He is not dressing like his Ashkenazi Jewish brother in his images, but rather dresses in Biafran and Southern Ghanaian Ashanti dressing, is it not a stolen culture?.
  • The sign of his second finger pointing up to the sky is the Masonic sign of the creator, The phallic sign is the sign of the same second finger pointing to his heart, then the Vesica Discis is the sign showing his second and third finger pointing up like the U sign, these are some of the Masonic signs displayed by the Christian God.


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 Source: Odogwu Dan/facebook.com

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17 thoughts on “​Revealing the hidden secrets of the biggest deception”

  1. “We who are digging out the truth are aware that the ancient names of blaces in west Africa was given to places in isreal and the concept of Judaism Christianity etc hell and heaven religions where derived from the spirituality of biafrans and kemet but mingled with allegories and some deception.”

    Your writing is horrible: no punctuation, spelling mistakes, inability to capitalize correctly, etc.

    It makes you look ignorant.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Perhaps it’s all made up. Either way, with Christianity you get to keep your foreskin (via Paul’s teaching). But with Judaism and Islam, you are forced into a life of genital mutilation.

            So Christianity is superior to me in that way, since it does not make you a sexual cripple like the other ones do.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Judaism removes the prepuce (foreskin) of a child without seeking that person’s consent. Thus, every Jewish boy is “enrolled” in Judaism against his will. He later fulfills the role of sexual abuser by mutilating the genitals of his own son.

            On a separate note, you know that the Jews are actively working to sexually mutilate the men in Africa? Thus their incessant “circumcision is healthy” campaign in places like Zambia.

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          3. With it, Any thing that Circumcision Pens does, with my Uncircumcised Pens i will do it perfectly… Sorry for saying such in public, but with this type of news i get angry!..


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