What every new couple should carry to their honeymoon

According to a study carried out by Samantha Bridal, 99% of couples who chose the formal wedding way go for honeymoons. It is an important period for the newlyweds to be alone and bond. It also gives the couple a chance to travel to new places and have fun.

So what should newlyweds carry with them to make the whole experience memorable?

Camera: You wouldn’t want to miss capturing the moments. So a camera even a high quality phone camera would do the trick. For those who dare to visit extreme locations such as deserts, snowy areas or even scuba diving, a more professional camera is advisable or better yet a Gopro camera.

Swimsuits: According to the survey, locations with beaches top the list of honeymoon destinations. So don’t forget to carry swim suits and their accessories to your holiday. So don’t shy away from packing that two piece or one-piece bikini as well as cover-ups.

Credit Cards: You may not necessarily need the cash but it is always good to carry your credit cards with in case need arises. Thankfully if you are travelling local, Mobile Money works in many areas. Always have a little loose cash for tipping.

That sexy little number: If ever there was a time to dress up for your man, this would be it. So pack a sexy dress to wear for a dinner or a romantic evening. Don’t forget the lingerie people.

A musical playlist: Have a compilation of your favorite love songs for you and your partner to set the honeymoon mood.

Sunscreen: Your skin needs a little bit of sunscreen to get you through the day without experiencing sunburns. Contrary to popular belief, dark skin is still affected by direct sunlight. So don’t forget to slather up whenever you step out. SPF 30 and above is recommended.

Sunglasses:  A classic and stylish pair of sunglasses gives an edge to your outfit and also is good for your eyes.

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