Watch video clip of Biafra Monument in BBC 

Sroll down to watch the video!..

I don’t know why people like to cover the truth, they have been saying that Biafra is not a nation Biafra is not a country, and i said that’s an ugly speech and truly is an ugly speech, if Biafra is not a country or nation while there monument or inscription representing Biafra written in BBC compound?. While i just wanna tell the whole world that the truth can never be hiding forever, one day it will pop up like the seed that was planted, Biafra will pop up soonest which people will die for seeing Biafra restored, I just want the whole world to know that the Raising Sun is coming up very soon which is the country called Biafra..

Watch this little clip BBC Monument

Click here: for more.

Click here for more.


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