Biafra Will Be Totally Different From Nigeria. Here’s How!

This is in response to several threads here that question how Biafra can be different from Nigeria. Some of the threads are from people with genuine concerns and real questions, while others are of malicious intent. I created this thread to present my idea of what Biafra will look like, and by doing so show that Nigeria can NEVER offer such to we Biafrans. I am open to be proven wrong.

These are MY ideas and none else’s.

Thanks for reading and please prove me wrong if you can!


The write up assumes that Biafra will be obtained peacefully, and if so, there will be a revolution immediately inside Biafra that will cleanse the land of “Nigerian” politicians. If obtained by war, those “Nigerian” politicians will not survive if they remain corrupt during that war.
They are advised to either repent and seek the interest of their people, or pay dearly.



SE/SS/Parts of Benue State. All determined at LGA level via referendum.

Government System:
Multi-party parliamentary system. Administrative areas of autonomous communities. No states.

National Development Philosophy:
Peace, tranquility, serenity, security, through justice to all

Create a developed economy where every citizen and resident is free, has access to world class health facilities, jobs paying livable wages, peace, and security of life and property.

Build a $2 Trillion economy within 2 decades by investing massively in the following fields:-

Human capital development through qualitative education at all levels

  • Research & development in science and technology.
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual property.
  • Boost Agriculture by way of grants (local and foreign).
  • Boost private industry by way of grants (local and foreign).
  • Mineral resource development.
  • Commerce -world class malls and export processing zones.
  • 5 international airports.
  • 4 seaports

National Human Relations Philosophy:

Be the change that you desire!

Religion: Mosques are banned. Lolzz.

Culture: Every autonomous community in Biafra shall be end it because our ancestors didn’t practiced it..

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