Bill Gates hopes $4bn ‘will half malaria deaths’

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has said his foundation and other donors will be announcing nearly $4bn (£2.8bn) of new funding aimed at halving the number of deaths from malaria.

After two decades of decline the disease is again becoming more common as mosquitoes develop resistance to existing medication.

Mr Gates spoke to the BBC as campaigners and health groups gather for a major malaria summit in London:

“The summit commitment is to do our best to cut the cases in half again. And if we really target the high-burden areas and get these new tools out, get a little more resources behind this fight, we can get it all the way down to 200,000 deaths a year.”

He said he wanted his money to improve the bed-nets used to help combat the spread of the disease and refine the mapping of where they should be located.

Another goal is to find a long-lasting vaccine. Mr Gates said the ultimate aim would be to wipe out malaria.

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