How to grow hair on a bald head naturally

Understanding of how to to grow hair on a bald head naturally, usually comes after discovering the reasons for baldness. Hair and scalp diseases that can affect every one of us, regardless of age and gender. Pay your attention to the fact that, despite the complexity of this disease, you can still fight it. Alopecia or baldness is no longer an inevitable and incurable disease. To date, thanks to the enormous achievement of modern science and home remedies, the treatment of alopecia is a reasonably successful procedure.

Timely diagnosis

Lots of people are interested in how to grow natural hair? But the main thing is a timely diagnosis of baldness. The appropriate diagnosis and the beginning of therapy are the most crucial part of the treatment of alopecia. Remember, it’s complicated to treat baldness in a neglected stage, sometimes even impossible. That’s why, if you notice the first signs of alopecia, immediately go to a specialist doctor. He will diagnose and identify the exact cause of alopecia.

Causes of alopecia

There are many causes of baldness. It can be:

malnutritionecologygenetic predispositionhormonal imbalancestructural changes in the follicletreatment of alopecia

Treatment of baldness is often individual. However, in almost all cases it is complicated. The treatment of alopecia is based on the correction of hormonal imbalance, on the revision of the discernment, as well as on the use of physiotherapy in the area of the scalp.

How to grow hair on a bald head


This method of treatment is based on exposure to the scalp with nitrogen. Most often this method is combated with focal alopecia. Liquid nitrogen in these cases is used as a massage. During the so-called massage, the microvasculature vessels dilate and contract again. There is the training of blood vessels; it has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles themselves. Also, this method of treating baldness reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Along with such treatment, a person is also prescribed special medicinal preparations for external use. In the treatment of alopecia, sedatives, vitamins, and corticosteroids are also prescribed. Sometimes the patient is prescribed photosensitizers, photochemotherapy or physiotherapy.

If you pay attention to new pills, among them, you can select the minoxidil. This tool can only be taken under control of a doctor. However, the effect is guaranteed. Also, pay your attention at darsonvalization. This is a kind of electrostimulation, which is also used in the treatment of alopecia, and it is highly beneficial.

Hair transplantation

The most expensive method of treating baldness is hair transplantation. The first operation for hair transplantation was carried out in the middle of the nineteenth century. Transplanted hair takes root in the head area, after which it continues to grow in normal mode. Despite the fact that this method of treating baldness is the most expensive, it is also recognized as the most effective.

Treatment of alopecia transplant

Sophisticated treatment of alopecia by oriental medicine

Specialists of oriental medicine, in turn, created a unique system for complex treatment of baldness, which is based on the use of dietary supplements (biologically active additives) of Tiens Group. Such a complicated procedure consists of two stages. During the first stage, people are offered such biologically active additives as Biocalcium, Biocinq, Cordyceps and Know.

The second stage involves the use of Icahn, Spirulina and capsules with powdered ants. The course of treatment with biologically active additives lasting four months will help strengthen your hair, enrich the hair roots, and also normalizes the metabolism and endocrine system. Before use, consult a specialist.

How to grow hair on bald head using home remedies

Use natural oils:

Castor Oil/3 tablesp./warmup/cover the head/live overnightTaramira Oil/3 tablesp./cover the head with it/keep it for 3 hours/wash offOlive Oil/3 tablespoons/heat it/cover the scalp/wash off next morningThree tablesp. of Apple Cid. Vineg./1 teacup of water/mix them/cover the head with it/let it for 3 minutes/rinse offOne onion/1 tablesp. of honey/squeeze onion juice/mix the everything/cover the head with it for 25 min/rinse off

Millions of people around the world face the problem of hair loss every year. The problem of hair loss concerns not only men but also women. There are many variants for growing hair in bald head naturally. Most often, people use home remedies, as they are more accessible and can be bought without any problems.

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