8 Top-knot Braided Hairstyles From Coachella Every Lady Should Try

It is Coachella season again which means that other than seeing the great performances from the festival all over our social media, we also get treated to lots of fashionable and stylish women we can pick a thing or two from. It’s worth noting that this year’s Coachella was like no other with Queen Bey breaking the internet and the world in general with her two-hour long mind-blowing performance.

As usual, the ladies did not disappoint with their hair made just for the festival and top-knots seemed to be a top trend.

Here are eight effortless top-knot styles from Coachella you should absolutely consider trying.

With a tangerine top and lips to match, this lady nailed her top-knot hairstyle by adding some beads to it. Letting the rest of her hair down made this look perfect for the easy sunny day.

These large twist outs are simply gorgeous and even more so with the delicate accessories added to them.

Look effortlessly regal by scooping up your box braids into a top bun using a rubber headband.

These space buns will have you looking incredibly adorable. They are perfect for an easy Saturday afternoon with friends.

Add some edge to your short hair having your cornrows in a top-knot.

For the girls with the frizzy, curly natural hair, this look will definitely stand out. All you have to do is keep it simple.

Rainbow hair is on trend and a high bun will look especially colourful and wild.

Complement your jet black hair with a dark lippie to create some mystery vibe. Finish off with some cute hair jewels for a pop of spark.

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